Magazine stylist Dani Conroy has a tragic dating history. She's popular with men, but Dani is after a lasting relationship and the guys she dates never want to stick around. When her most recent boyfriend breaks up with her at the cinema, she decides to give up dating entirely.

Dani swears off romance and turns to icecream, old movies and her girlfriends. When she realises they're having their own dating problems, she whips up a quiz to unearth everyone's perfect partner and starts matchmaking – with unexpected results.

Meanwhile, her dedication to staying single is challenged by Josh Reeves, the gorgeous new staff photographer.

He's not interested in dating either, although he won't say why. The two of them start hanging out as friends, but it isn't long before Dani is wondering exactly why he's not interested in a relationship – with her or anyone else. 


       Jeannie Zelos: "Four and a half, a straightforward, fun and enjoyable romance."
Sally Norton: ​"I love dating quizzes and I loved this book! Really funny and great characters!"

Roz @ My Written Romance: "I loved Dani and Josh's story. The chemistry between them burned slowly and surely into something fantastic. Watching them try to avoid falling in love with each other, and doing the exact opposite, was a lot of fun."

Angel Hatfield: "I loved how Dani goes through her changes in this novel. It was a good story and plot.
I recommend."