Indy Rowntree's acting career isn't exactly taking off. Her agent is scraping the bottom of the barrel to find her roles – and she's just been knocked back from playing the part of a tomato.

Only her friends and job at one of Melbourne's coolest bars are keeping her sane.

Irishman Luke Hunter is in Australia to escape his own problems. He has good reasons for avoiding love but he just can't seem to stay away from vivacious Indy. 

And then, just when things are looking up for 
both of them, a mutual friend starts meddling...
A witty, fast-paced love story with a wonderful cast of characters who will have you laughing 
out loud.


Emily (Mrs B's Books): The writing was witty and often had me laughing or snorting. This is a
  perfect  read when you don't want anything heavy."

Negar Arvanaghi:"This was quite a funny story.
It played out like a movie. Well done!"

Ashley: "I really, REALLY enjoyed this book! And, as a bonus, besides not knowing the places they spoke of, I did not get lost at all even though it was set 
in Australia. All the lingo, entertainment references, and even political talk was very American.
Two thumbs up!"

Sara - Harlequin Junkie: "If you like a sweet and romantic read with a bit of secrets but lots of laughs, don’t miss Spotlight on Love by L.J. Young."