L.J. Young was born and raised in Melbourne with an older brother and sister, which is why she's very loud. She spent most of her early years on a skateboard or at the beach.

She started writing her first book when she was 12-years-old, with her best friend Leah.
It was always going to be confusing so, from then on, she decided to write on her own.

​Since then, Leah has written many manuscripts, thousands of advertisements, a stack
of social media posts and a few feature articles. She's also lived overseas, studied
Film & Television and attempted to wear fake eyelashes with decorum.

She now lives in Yarraville with her partner, Greg, and their three daughters, Mazzy,
Lulu and Poppy, who think it's, like, ace, that their mum is published!

"I really enjoy Destiny Romance... Spotlight on Love is no exception – it contains some of the wittiest dialogue I’ve seen outside Jane Austen wrapped in a familiar (but exciting) setting of Melbourne with a lovely hero on top."

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